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Clean air, soil, products

Ecologic and certified

What are EKO certificates?

The unique character of our meats is verified by their quality, taste and the certificate for ecological products.


Years of experience won us the trust of our clients.

We do everything we can to make the complex production processes of ecological smoked meats as years of work done by another generation of the Wasąg family.


Smoked meat free of antibiotics and growth supplements

We use only EKO-certified meat in our products

Natural feeds

Certified farmers use only natural feeds in their farms

Friendly conditions

The livestock is farmed in friendly, stress-free conditions


Ecological product catalogue

Available online

Order our products in our online shop

Tested recipes

Certified ingredients used in production

Recognized products

Awarded with Lubelskie Brand, promoting best products from the region

Real smoked meats... made of meat

And our meat is ecological

Family-run business

Second generation practicing traditional meat-making

25 years of experience

Smoked meats made with 25 years of experience

Products made in harmony with nature

Flavour catalogue from the Magical Roztocze

Available online

Order our products in our online shop

Raw meats

Pork, beef or poultry

Leg for a party

Roasted leg for special occasions

Vast range of products

Smoked, roasted and cooked meats

Traditional recipes

Taste of vintage meats from Roztocze

Marketing support

Consultation and marketing support for wholesale clients.

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